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14 team league, $100 entry, June 19th 2018, 9:00 pm


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Auction league, $150 entry, as soon as possible


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Terms & Conditions of Play


BreakoutFFL T&Cs

Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs” or “Terms”)


Last updated: 04/04/2018



Welcome to BreakoutFFL, a provider of Fantasy Football Leagues and Contests.

Please read these Terms & Conditions (“Terms”, “T&Cs”, “Terms & Conditions”, Terms and Conditions”) carefully and properly before using website (the “service”) operated by BreakoutFFL (“us”, “we” or “our”). All mentions of or abbreviations of ‘BFFL’ refers to BreakoutFFL – BreakoutFFL is owned or operated by BreakoutFFL.


Acceptance of Terms (1.1)

By registering or using this “Service”, or participating in any BFFL League or Contest, or using any BFFL Service Platform, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are a legal agreement between you and BFFL. If you disagree with any part of the terms, then you may not access any “Service” provided by BFFL.




BFFL reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to modify or replace the Terms and Conditions at any time. You are responsible for reviewing and understanding the Current Rules and any future modifications. If a revision to the Terms & Conditions is material, BFFL will notify you through your registered email address linked to your user account. By using BFFL after any modifications have been made to the Terms and Conditions will become your automatic renewal of acceptance to the new and revised Terms & Conditions as per future modifications.


Eligibility (1.2)

The BFFL is open to all individuals who are aged 18 of age or older (21 years of age or older in Massachusetts) and are legal residents in a jurisdiction in which BFFL are permitted by law. The BFFL, at its own discretion, may deny any individual access to their “Services”. Under no circumstances shall the BFFL be held accountable or responsible for any loss or liability to any expenses incurred by a denied member or anyone affiliated with the same denied member.


BFFL contests are open to:

1.     Legal Residents of one of 50 United States (excluding residents of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Washington, Mississippi, Delaware and Vermont) or Canada (excluding Quebec).

2.     Persons physically located in Delaware are expressly excluded from all “Services”.

3.     Persons physically located in Puerto Rico are also excluded.

  1. All contestants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older at the date of enrolment in the Contest. Except in Alabama and Nebraska where you must be nineteen (19) years of age or older and Massachusetts where you must be twenty-one (21) years of age or older.

5.     Void where prohibited.


Should State/Province Law change during the registration period for ANY Contest, BFFL reserve the right to suspend new user contest registrations from that State/Province being after or on the Enforcement date. BFFL reserves the right to other remedies and actions required by law.


Prohibited Players (1.3)

The following persons or people are prohibited at all times from using all “Services” of BFFL.

1.     Any employee, officer or agent of BFFL.

2.     Any spouse, sibling, child or parent of ANY employee, officer or agent of BFFL whether residing or not residing within the same household.

3.     Any owner or employee of any other Fantasy Sports website offering paid or unpaid contests or ANY spouse, sibling, child or parent of ANY employee, officer or agent of another Fantasy Sports Website whether residing or not residing within the same household.

4.     Any individuals with access to Non-Public Confidential Information about BFFL Leagues, Contests or any information deemed as Confidential by BFFL.

5.     Any Sports agent, team players, coaches, referees, or League Officials associated with the NFL (National Football Leagues), any sport or athletic event on which the BFFL Leagues & Contests are based.  

6.     Any minors under the age of 18 (or under the age of 21 in Massachusetts).


Deposits made by prohibited players (excluding “Minors”) (1.3a)

Any deposit made by any prohibited player once an investigation has been completed, will result in immediate Account Deactivation and will be instantly disqualified from any “Paid” League or Contest they have joined or entered. Deposits made by “Minors” will be refunded within 2 business days of discovery of these deposits and Account will be immediately deactivated.


Payments (1.4)

All Leagues have an $8.00 (EIGHT US DOLLARS) Commission which is NON-REFUNDABLE. This Commission is applied irrespective of the Paid League entered or joined. (This Fee applies to but is not limited to the following types of Leagues: $50, $100, $150, $170, $200, $250, $300, $340, $350, $400, $450, $500, $750, $1,000). Payments can be made via Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Check by Mail. If Mailing the entry fee, the Mailer MUST include their Address on the back, this MUST match their Account Address or will become invalid and will not be processed.  


Refunds (1.5)

Any Entry Fees processed before ANY League or Contest has been filled will be refunded without prejudice. Once a League or Contest has been filled, refunds will NOT be made. Any refund processed is made at the discretion of BFFL and reserves the right to refuse any refund during or after this time. All leagues have an $8.00 Commissioners fee that is non-refundable. Payments can be made via Credit/Debit Card or Mail in Check. If mailing in the entry fee, the address on the check must be from a legal to play address.



League Rules (2.1)

BreakoutFFL (BFFL) will serve as the commissioner for all Leagues and Contest, paid or unpaid and will be solely responsible for resolving any disputes that arise. Disputes may include, but not limited to: Breach of Terms and Conditions, Rule Violations or any other matters that may come up in connection to any Contest or League. All Commissioner Decisions by BFFL for all matters related to BFFL Rules, Prizes, Disputes & Appeals are final.


All players must have internet access to manage their team through the duration of any League or Contest, failing to do so has no liability from BFFL.


All League Rules and Official Scoring are clearly outlined in each “Service” provided by BreakoutFFL. Any concerns or disputes about any league rule must be communicated via email: with subject title: GAME RULES APPEAL on the email sent by the player. The deadline for any disputes or appeals is Friday 12:00 AM EST, following successful completion of that game or games in which the dispute or appeal is referring to. If a dispute is raised, the player is required to outline a detailed description of their dispute ALSO including a resolution they feel should be given. The BFFL Commissioner will make a final decision at or after Friday 12:00 AM EST and will be considered the final ruling of the Dispute or Appeal raised.



We strongly urge ALL players to check League Rules specific to their chosen League or Contest prior to making any selection. Selecting once processed will invoke Clause (1.4) & (1.5).


Trading (2.2)

All trading is allowed until the conclusion of week 10. No trades involving 5 or more players or, 3 or more players from the same team, will be approved. All trades will be reviewed by the league commissioner no later than 10:00pm EST, every Tuesday and Thursday, during the fantasy season. Trades may however be reviewed earlier than this. In the event the league commissioner decides to veto a trade, a mandatory poll will be created, and the results will be posted if/when the trade is ultimately vetoed.


League Prizes (2.3)

The (“Winner”) of each league is the player who finishes first place.

(“2nd Place”) of each league is the player who finishes after the (“Winner”) in 2nd Place.

(“3rd Place”) of each league is the player who finishes after the (“2nd Place”) in 3rd Place.

Positions of winning placement of ALL players is determined and finalized during Week 14 of the season.


The (“Winnings” or “Monies Won”) referred as (“Prize” or “Prizes”) won by any player is displayed within the (“Service”) provided, all prizes will be awarded after the conclusion of each Contest.


(“Prizes”) will be awarded to one individual per contest. All (“Prizes”) are non-refundable.


Expert Level Players (3.1)

All players, regardless of where they reside, after entering 500 total contests or winning $3,000 in total prizes will be tagged with Expert Level (“EL”) status.



Credit/Debit Card

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We will only call/text in case of unclaimed "Winnings."

Mail in Check

All mail in entries must include; Full name, email address, draft dates and times. Phone numbers are recommended but optional. You may use the adjacent form instead, make sure to include in the "Special Instructions" area that you will be paying by Mail in Check.

Mailer MUST include a return address that matches the one on the check, or it will not be processed. 

Send Check To:

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