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Let's take a look at the top defenses in the league according to the Madden people, and the army of NFL elites they bring in to figure out these rankings. When picking my fantasy defense I always go for the most savage group of degenerates on the gridiron. So let's find out who the people over at EA Sports like this year. Lead us in John!

Thanks John, I feel that sums this up pretty good.


How are Maddens ratings generated? This seems like a legitimate question if we are going to be using their ratings as a baseline. Madden a has tool, well a man, Donny Moore. This guy gets paid to do what every football loving nerd out there wishes they could do. Judges players based on every stat and piece of film he can get his hands on. But that's just the first stop in ratings land. EA Sports then brings in the NFL's most intelligent and plugged in scouts, analysts, coaches, former players, etc. to have open meetings where they might discuss anything from game theory to hard hitting son's of bitches. 
Now I'm not always a stats and meta data type of guy but I do have a soft spot for consensus. And that is exactly what this ratings list ends up being. It is a the result of an uncountable amount of years of NFL expierince coming together to give us the best list we have to date. Plus it updates constintly during the regular season. So, now that I've rambled on about why I enjoy the Madden ratings list let's get into some defensive takeaways.

Maddens Ratings Here

While casually glossing over the top fantasy names near the top of the ratings I was about to click away from the page when I noticed that some of the scariest names in the game where right there as well. Aaron Donald, Von Miller, Luke Kuechly, and hell, those are just the studs that made the 99 club. (Madden's highest rating) at 98 rating you find yourself staring at names such as J.J. Watt and Khalil Mack. So, what to do with this. "Probably nothing it's just a video game." Or, considering Fantasy Defenses are the combination of a few players usually teaming up to intercept and sack their way to fantasy goodness, we can start counting.

Fantasy Defenses-

I want as many stars as I can possibly find to harass opposing quarterbacks. This leads to sacks and poorly tossed ducks ripe for harvesting by sure handed and hard hitting secondaries. If you are a strictly numbers person I have added a link to a great article from 4for4's Mike Woellert at the pages bottom. He posts finishing numbers for defenses in 2017 and how in correlates to ADP I simply don't agree with his interpretation of his numbers. The article makes the point that streaming is a better way to play. I take away that choosing the right time to draft your defense can give you a significant advantage throughout your season. But, more importantly just draft these teams and I can almost garuntee your love of the DST will increase ten fold by the season end.

1 D-Tackle AH HA HA, 2 D-Tackles AH HA HA

1 D-Tackle AH HA HA, 2 D-Tackles AH HA HA

So let's start with the 99 -90 Ratings. These are widely considered the best players in football. These play-makers can change the flow of a game by putting the team on their backs and finishing. I've ordered each team in my fantasy draft preference based on the players listed only. The Top 6 DST's are, (Rather unsurprisingly)

Jaguars Logo.jpg

Jacksonville Jaguars - #1

100 - 90 Ratings

  1. Jalen Ramsey - LCB
  2. A.J Bouye - RCB
  3. Calais Cambell - DE
  4. Telvin Smith Sr. - WLB

89- 85 Ratings

  1. Yannick Ngakoue - DE
  2. Tashaun Gipson Sr. - FS
  3. Malik Jackson - DT

Rookies and Draft Round

  1. Taven Bryan - DE - 1st Rnd
  2. Ronnie Harrsion - SS - 3rd Rnd


Los Angeles Rams - #2

Rams Logo.jpg

100 - 90 Ratings

  1. Aaron Donald - DT
  2. Ndamukong Suh - NT
  3. Lamarcus Joyner - FS


    89 - 85

    1. Aqib Talib - RCB
    2. Michael Brockers - DE
    3. Marcus Peters - LCB
    4. John Johnson III - SS

    Rookies and Draft Round

    1. John Frankiln-Myers - DE - 4th Rnd

    Vikings Logo.jpg

    Minnesota Vikings - #2

    100 - 90 Ratings

    1. Harrison Smith - FS
    2. Everson Griffen - RE
    3. Xavier Rhodes - RCB
    4. Linval Joseph - NT

    89-85 Ratings

    1. Anthony Barr - SLB
    2. Andrew Sendejo - SS

    Rookies and Draft Round

    1. Mike Hughes - LCB - 1st Rnd
    2. Jaylin Holmes - DT - 4th Rnd

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